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Who is Class of Dev for?
Our goal is to educate junior developers who have recently graduated from a coding bootcamp, college or unviersity, or are self-taught, and help them become senior developers. That being said, our courses will have something for developers of all skill levels and backgrounds.
Does it cost anything to enroll?
You can create an account and go through our free lessons and courses at no cost! If you want unlimited access to all of our courses, you'll need to subscribe to our premium plan.
Which topics do you cover?
Most of our courses cover topics not often taught at bootcamps and other schools such as how to buy and secure a domain name, mastering the terminal, tips and tricks that will boost productivity, and much more. We expect you to already have a solid understanding of coding and development—we're just here to fill in the gaps and help you become an elite developer.
What type of content do you create?
Each course has a mix of videos, text, diagrams, and downloadable examples. We believe in more than mindlessly watching hours of someone screensharing.
Does your content have any ads?
Of course not! Our free courses are free with no strings attached. Premium courses require a paid subscription. Our site and all of our content will always remain ad-free.
Do you offer any free content?
Yes! On top of our free courses, you can watch the first few lessons of premium courses for free to get a taste before paying a dime. We also offer shorter videos on our YouTube channel.
How do I know your content is up-to-date?
We strive to keep each course up-to-date with the latest and greatest. As the dev world changes, we will adapt our courses as soon as possible. If you sign up and are unhappy with any course content, you can request to receive a full refund using the contact form below.
What's your money-back guarantee?
If you're unhappy with Class of Dev within the first 10 days or 10 completed lessons (whichever comes first), reach out and we'll refund 100% of your subscription cost.
What are the time commitments like?
Our courses allow you to learn at your own pace, so take it as slow or as fast as you'd like. We try to keep them short and sweet, so you should be able to complete each one within a few days if you're really focused.
Is there a live aspect to Class of Dev?
When it comes to the courses themselves, no. But with an active subscription, we'll give you access to the Class of Dev community where you can ask questions and share knowledge. You'll also receive occasional invitations to live workshops and Q&A's with our instructors.
What extra features will team seats include?
On top of all the features offered with a personal seat, team seats include some tasty extras for group learning, collaboration, and management. Coming soon!
What if I'm already a master developer?
Then please reach out and let us hire you as an instructor 😉 But truthfully, the development world is constantly changing. Let us help you keep up with all the latest tips and tricks.

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